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Precautions for paralleling Bluesun off-grid inverters 21 / 2024.Feb

Precautions for paralleling Bluesun off-grid inverters

1. The off-grid inverter can realize up to 6 parallel inverters, multiple parallel inverters can be realized to form a single-phase system, and 3 to 6 inverters can be paralleled to form a three-phase system.

2. For off-grid inverter parallel systems, all lithium batteries need to use bus copper bars or battery combiner boxes to connect all lithium batteries together in parallel.

3. When using low-voltage lithium batteries in parallel, in addition to connecting the power cables and communication cables, you also need to set the DIP switch of the lithium battery, set the address of the lithium battery, set the host to address 1, and set the address of the subsequent batteries in sequence.

4. Off-grid multiple parallel systems use busbars or combiner boxes. When placing orders, attention should be paid to adding power cables from the combiner box or busbar to the inverter.

5. The inverse control integrated machine can realize split-phase use of up to 6 machines. The split-phase system can output two voltages of 120V and 240V at the same time. This demand is mostly in the Americas, and there are two voltage appliances in the home.

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